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Slot Phone Swap { All U Need To Know }

Slot Phone Swap { All U Need To Know }

Slot Systems Limited is one of the top and most trusted mobile phone, gadgets, laptops, and tablets retailers in Nigeria.The indigenous company has set the goal to provide smartphone and devices to every Nigerian no matter the class in which they fall in the society. This is why Slot System Limited have setup a scheme which is called the Slot Trade-in / Slot phone swap. This trade scheme have made it easy for phone users to upgrade their mobile devices to new smart mobile devices being released by their manufacturers.

slot phone swap

slot phone swap

So if you are hoping to get your own any of the latest phones from Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, HTC or Blackberry so has to keep up with the latest trends and cool features the new device has to offer. Then you would probably be considering trading in your current phone for an upgrade.

Slot phone swap is easy to do. All you need to do to successfully swap your old device for a new one is to follow the below simple steps :

• Know Your Trade-In Value : You would need to firstly find out the estimated trade-in value of your current device by visiting any SLOT Store in your region.

• Back Up Your Phone Data : Before you go for a phone swap it is advised that you backup all your phone data and also log out of any Cloud or Google account (if you don’t logout your phone won’t be accepted). You may sync your phone data to online service like iCloud or your Google account. Make sure you back up all your data, even if you do it manually.

• Visit Slot Store To Trade-In Your Old Phone { Slot phone swap } : By now you have known the worth of your phone and you have also backed up your data, the next step to take is to visit any slot store closest to you. Then hand over your phone to an agent who is usually dressed in Orange and Black uniform for your slot phone swap . You should be asked to complete a simple form, and simply give the information that best describes your phone condition. You would also need to provide the agent with your identity card, receipt of purchase or any form of proof of the phone’s ownership. After that you would be given a Slot Voucher based on the value of your phone.

• Redeem your Voucher : The slot voucher is only redeemable in a Slot Nigeria Limited store. After redeeming it you can now add more money to it depending on cost of phone you want to purchase.

• Purchase your new smartphone and your mobile slot phone swap is complete

from , there  you have it on Slot Phone Swap , share your opinion and experience at any branch or nationwide store with us, if you have ever gone for a slot phone swap . Also like us on or follow us on


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Updated: January 15, 2018 — 10:17 pm


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  1. Do you have :motoZ [MOTOROLA PHONE]

  2. Adedeji Oluwatomisin

    I have a Infinix hot 4 Lite nd wanna swap. My number is 08183318358

  3. I have an new Itel S31 for swap

  4. I have a Iphone 5 for swap

  5. I have a Techno C9 phone bought about 10months ago,in very good condition just like new and wish to swap it to Techno CX

  6. Please I have an iPhone 5 I want to swap it’s really neat simply call or text me in WhatsApp my number is 08119970545

  7. Akinboyewa Oluwaseun

    I want to swap my archos 55 platinum, just a new one for a new infinix hot 4 lite how do I go about it?

  8. Hi
    I need to swap my Camon c7, it’s just some months old. I need to upgrade.
    How do I go about it

    1. follow the step listed in the post.

  9. I want to swap my infinix hot x554 with infinix note 3 pro 08067142138

  10. Mustapha olayiwola ridwan

    I have CamonC7 and would like to swap with Infinix note 4

    1. Hello Mustapha, walkin to the nearest stores close to you with your Tecno camon c7 for valuation and swapping

  11. Please I have an infinix hot4 . what will it take me to get a note4 . my phone is barely a month old and I am in owerri

    1. Kindly walk into the nearest slot stores close to you

      1. Please I have infinix hot4 and want to swap it to note4, I just bought it last month, how possible is it?

  12. Pls what is the possibility of me swapping samsung galaxy 6s that the screen is broken? Swapping it is it possible?

  13. Pls can I swap samsung galaxy 6s d@t the screen is broken?

  14. I sent someone to the slot at marina for a swap and they said they do not do phone swap. Please I will like to know the branches of slot that do phone swap.

  15. Do slot also agree to swap tablets with minor faults?

  16. I wanna swap my infinix X507 for a new brand of Infinix….. My phone’s been twitching for months…, I know of slot at Airport road Warri…. But I’ve lost my phone’s receipt, So u can enlighten me with this number on the new phone I should swap with 08123829210…Thanks….

  17. Please I’m having an IPhone 6s Plus with me which the screen is broken but is stil working, and the back case is really rough, can I stil swap it with a new IPhone 6s Plus? And how much I’m I gonna add to it, since the screen is broken and the back case is big time rough due to d pouch I used 4 it

  18. Pls…I have a phone that I’m very sure is not being used by anyone in Nigeria and because of this I’m scared and want to swap it for fear of it giving me problems in future and my not being able to locate a good repair store for its model. The name is Telma. I Wonder if slot will accept the phone? Thank you

  19. I have a Samsung grand prime I wanna swap with infinix note 4 pro

  20. I have a tecno l9plus and I wanna swap with infinix note4 pro or Nokia 6 how much should I add… I also have the receipt with me
    You can contact me

  21. I have Samsung galaxy s3 and I want swap for Tenco canon CX is it possible and the screen of the Samsung has broken at the side would slot accept it.

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