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Top 20 Best Free Cloud Storage For Android 2017

Top 20 Best Free Cloud Storage For Android 2017

Most Cloud Services offers one free storage space for users to save their files online. Most Smartphone users take a lot of photos, videos and store a lot of files and useful documents on their phones with the fear of having to lose them or your Android device been infected with virus or malwares, we would be needing the services of the most secure cloud storage apps to help us keep them safe. The files are stored online and can be accessed from any where in the world and at any time using an internet enabled phone.  So we did our best to sort out the Top 20 Best free Cloud Storage for Android 2017.

Top 20 Best Free Cloud Storage For Android 2017

Below are some of the best and most secure storage apps for Android

  • Dropbox

Dropbox is easy and simple to use, reliable and is one of the oldest cloud storage service known. Dropbox allows you upload, store and create folders online which can be accessed by you, your friends and relatives. Has restrictions as to the size or amount of files to be uploaded.

Free unlimited cloud storage providers for android phones

Top 20 Best Free Cloud Storage For Android 2017

  • Google Drive

Google Drive gives you 15GB of space which allows you share and store musics, pictures, videos and files online. Just like every other cloud storage services, the Google Drive has restrictions as to the type of file to be stored.
Pictures bigger than 2000 x 2000 and videos longer than 20minutes aren’t supported

  • Amazon Drive

This is a free service given to all Amazon prime subcribers. The Amazon Drive gives you 5GB storage which allows you store as many files as possible so far as you do not exceed the given space.
Deleted files goes to the trash bin where they get permanently deleted if not installed back

  • IDrive

The IDrive Cloud Service storage is a one-time solutions to all backup needs. It gives you 5GB of space which allows you store files, restore phone contacts ,images and files which can be accessed later on
Automatic backups can be set up as well. You may choose to backup your files once a week or twice a week depending on your choice

  • Mega

Is reliable, secure and well encrypted. Mega gives you 50GB of free storage which allows you store up files and contacts which can only be accessed by you.

You would be required to lock your files with a secure password. Be careful not to forget your password as you would not be able to access your files if your password gets lost.

  • Tresorit

Boosts client-side encryption and has zero tolerance on passwords. Your private photos and videos are safe with the Tresorit Cloud Storage Service.

Has 7days of history activity and gives a free 14 days trial period after which users would be required to opt for the Premium version which offers 100GB of encrypted space.

Best Free Cloud Storage for Android

Best Free Cloud Storage for Android 2017

  • Spider-Oak

For those who wish to store private files online, this is one good option you should go for. Spider-Oak allows you store and upload files which can only be accessed using your password.

Gives 250GB of storage and has a 21 day free trial after which you would be required to go for the premium package

  • Box

Works just like any other Cloud Storage Service. Gives you 10GB of storage which allows you save as many files as possible.
Deleted items goes to the trash bin and gets deleted permanently if not restored within a month

  • Media Fire

Media Fire started off as a sharing service but has now gradually turned to a cloud storage service.
The Media Fire Cloud Storage Service gives you 10GB of storage which allows store as many files as possible

  • Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync works just the same way as other cloud storage service. Unlike Drop box, Media fire and the rest, the Resilio Sync allows you create your own personal cloud storage service.

It could be your Desktop, Laptop or Mobile device. All you would need to do is keep your mobile device, desktop on so that the syncing can be done at all times.

continuation on Top 20 Best Free Cloud Storage For Android 2017

  • Yandex Disk

This particular cloud storage provider is not well known amongst phone users but has been proven to be a potential and useful option when going for a cloud storage service.

Gives 10GB of free storage when you sign up which allows you store as many files as possible. Users are also allowed to opt in for better options depending on their requirements

  • Pcloud

Offers 10GB of storage and gives you 10GB extra when you get to convince your friends to register under you. Supports files and media uploads and sharing of files to both users and non-users. Files shared can be downloaded as a ZIP archive.

Also allows you backup your files, contacts and photos from your Social media accounts

  • FlipDrive

Operates the same way with Pcloud. Offers 10GB of storage space and gives room for more storage space when you get to refer a friend to register under you. Allows you create, edit,rename folders and share files to all your friends. Files bigger than 25MB are not supported

  • OneDrive

OneDrive gives you 5GB of space when you sign up. Extra storage space are given if you get to refer as many friends as possible. ?Allows you upload musics and files for free, create folders and share with non registered users.

  • HiDrive

The HiDrive Cloud Storage gives you 5GB of storage space which can be increased to 10GB when you get to register someone under you. Supports music and video upload am allows you share files to other people.

When sharing files, you would be required to set the URL to expire after a certain time and the number of downloads allowed

  • Hubic

Gives you 25GB of storage space and is supported on all OS. Files can be shared to both users and non users of the cloud storage service, how ever you would be asked to set a number of days as to when the link would expire.

most secure cloud storage online

Top 20 Best Free Cloud Storage For Android

  • Jumpshare

You get 2GB of storage space when you sign up for the service. The storage space is extendable to 25GB once you get as many friends as possible to register

With the Jumpshare Cloud Storage Service, you would be able to upload files, create and edit folders according to your preference and allow you share files with your friends and relatives

  • MyDrive

This is just another reliable cloud storage service which allows you store as many files as possible
The MyDrive offers you 100MB of storage space which allows you store up files. Though small, there is no restrictions as to the size or amount of files to be uploaded so far as it doesn’t exceed 100MB. { The 100MB is cool, for those looking for free unlimited cloud storage providers }

  • Next Cloud

Next Cloud is not an online Cloud Storage Service but it provides a platform which makes it easy for you to download a cloud storage service app on your server. You get to do this from the comfort of your home without having fear of data breach or privacy violation

  • CM Backup

You can get this on the Android Play Store.CM Backup provides you with 5GB of storage space which allows you backup your files, images and contacts. App is cost free and has a whole ton of features which can be explored or used.


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Updated: August 8, 2017 — 5:33 pm

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